Frequently Asked Questions

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Search for a Job

Q: How do I search for positions by location or job category?
A: Search capabilities exist on the Current Opportunities page. Click Advanced Search in the Quick Search box to search on the additional fields: Job Family, Location, Regular/Temporary, Full/Part Time,  and Shift.

Q: How do I search for positions across multiple business units and/or locations at the same time?
A: Additional search capabilities exist on the current opportunities page. Click Advanced Search in the Quick Search box. Then hold down the CTRL key to add additional business units, locations and search criteria.

Q: I know the requisition number for the job I would like to apply for. How can I search for the job using the requisition number?
A: In either Quick or Advanced Search, enter it in the Keyword field.

Q: What if I want to see all open positions?
A: Leave everything blank and click Search.

Q: How do I remove all the search criteria I previously entered?
A: Click the clear button to remove all search criteria in the Advanced Job Search Window.

Q: How do I change the sorting order of the job openings listings returned by my search?
A: Click the column header of the data you would like to sort by.

Q: I have the list of jobs, but how do I see the posting description?
A: Click the Job Title for the job you wish to see and it will take you to the description.

Q: How can I search by my target salary?
A: It is Guthrie’s policy to not include target salaries in job postings.

Q: Can I save my job searches?
A: Job seekers can only save a search after they have created an account.

Q: When entering a job application, can I save and come back to it later?
A: Yes, You may save your application and return to it by signing in to your Guthrie Careers Account.

Q: Is searching by keyword case specific?
A: It is not case sensitive.

Q: Can I use my browser’s back/forward navigation buttons?
A: No, use the navigation within the application.

Q: Can you send me a list of your current job openings.
A: Unfortunately, Guthrie can not send out a complete listing of all open positions on our web site.  However, you may view the complete list on our website.  Also, the Guthrie Careers site allows a user to email an opening to a friend that may be interested in the opening.

Apply for a Job

Q: How may I submit my resume?
A:  All applications/resumes are submitted through Guthrie’s on line Careers page at

Q: I would like to submit my resume/application to Guthrie.  Do I have to specify which job(s) I would like to apply for?
A:  Yes, when submitting your resume/application you will need to identify which position you are applying for as Guthrie only accepts applications and resumes for current open positions.

Q: How do I apply for a job?
A: First, select the job posting, and then within the Job Description screen, click Apply Now.

Q: How do I apply for several jobs at once?
A: Check the square radial button next to each of the jobs you wish to apply for, and then click "Apply for Selected Jobs".

Q: Can I put saved jobs in my Guthrie Careers Account, then return to search and add more?
A: Yes. Jobs previously placed in the "My Saved Job Searches" remain there until you remove them.

Q: If I already have a resume file (for example, a Microsoft Word document) created, how do I upload it in the system?
A: Select "Apply Using Resume Mirror" during the Apply for a Job process.

Q: How do I apply if I don’t have a resume available?
A: Select the "Apply Without Using a Resume" option.  It is not necessary to provide a resume to complete the process.   

Q: Can I spell check the text that I entered?
A: Yes, click the icon next to the text box. Spell check only reviews the text that is in the box on the current page.

Q: How long will my application/resume be kept on file?
A: Once you have applied for a position your application/resume will remain active in our database for one year after submission.  During that time, it may be reviewed for openings for which you may be qualified.

Q: I am interested in working for Guthrie.  Could you please send me an application?
A: Guthrie does not mail applications.  Please visit the Guthrie Careers Page at to complete our online application.

Q: May I stop by your office and complete an application?
A: Yes, you are welcome to use the kiosk in the Human Resources department Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to complete an application.

Q: I'm trying to complete my application and when I click the submit button I get an error message stating that a "Job Title" is required.  I have selected a job to apply for.  Why am I getting this message?
A: You are receiving this message as you are missing a job title on one or more of your prior employers on the employment and education section of the application.  Please return to your application and complete this required information.

View Application Status

Q: Where can I see the status of my application?
A: Applicants can log into their account on the Guthrie Career’s web site and click View Application Status to access this information.

Q: I would like to apply for a position but have forgotten my Recruiting Solutions User Name and Password. How do I get them reset?
A: If you are an external applicant who has forgotten your User Name and Password click the "Login Help" link from the Careers Home Page.

If you are an internal applicant who has forgotten your User Name and Password please contact the Guthrie Information Services Help Desk at (570) 887-5380.

Job Search Agent

Q: Can I save my search and have it run automatically?
A: Yes, use the Job Agent.The process runs daily and will send an email to the email address in your Guthrie Careers Account to show you newly available jobs that match your search criteria.

Q: I no longer wish to receive emails showing jobs at Guthrie. How can I stop this?
A: Log in and access the Job Agent that you previously saved. Press the Delete button to remove the job agent search criteria.You will now no longer receive emails.

Q: I just set up and saved a new Job Agent search.When I go to Job Agent Results, there are no results.Are there no open positions at Guthrie?
A: The Job Agent runs at scheduled intervals, so it may not have executed by the time you looked for results. Check back later to see the Job Agent search results.Meanwhile, you can use the Job Agent results area to run ad hoc searches. It may also be possible that Guthrie currently does not have any openings that match your job agent criteria.

Q: I was interested in a job I saw on your on line postings a while ago.  Why can’t I find it now?
A: Guthrie postings are updated daily. If you can no longer find a particular job posting, the position has been filled.

Create/ Update Resume

Q: My contact information has changed and I want Guthrie recruiters to be aware of how to get in touch with me. How can I inform them of my new information?
A: External candidates can update their contact information through their account on the Guthrie Careers Home Page.  Use the Update Contact Information link to provide changes to your name, address, phone, etc.

Internal candidates must update their contact information through the Guthrie Human Resources department.