Provider Comments 2

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December, 2016
Every time I have had an experience w/*Dr. Kaluski - he has been excellent about explaining what procedure was done, why it was done & the results that he expected. *Dr. Kaluski is very confident in what he does & very assuring that I am his only concern. Also, w/my last w/*Dr. Kaluski - he noticed a consistent high white blood cell count, over a period of time, stating this should have been checked by a primary care physician; because of *Dr. Kaluski's concern - he set up an appointment w/a hematologist - which at this time blood work is being checked for possible CML (a type of leukemia)! Each test that *Dr. Kaluski orders & has done, it is him that telephones me at night to discuss the test results. I feel *Dr. Kaluski is an excellent, great asset to the Cardiology Department and to Guthrie Clinic.