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February, 2019
This was my first time seeing Dr. Pamula, as I was trying to establish care and have a PCP. I was very happy with how kind and polite she was. She was caring and encouraging. When she could tell I was nervous, she perked up with a big smile and told me there was no need to worry and calmed my fears. She spent a good amount of time talking with me, gaining all my background, asking about my family and things she didn't know like a disease we lost our son too, she was not only sympathetic but she made sure to look up all the details and facts so she had a clear understanding of our medical history. While there, I was perfectly healthy, but she asked many times if I had any concerns, as to not rush me out the door and leave with questions unanswered. She made sure to let me know she was just a phone call away if I did have any concerns. I left feeling like she was a genuinely caring and passionate doctor and I'm happy I chose her to be my PCP.