Provider Comments 19

Comment Date: 
January, 2019
I felt that my concerns were not taken into consideration. I only visit the doctor if I am in extreme pain or it interferes with my job. My insurance at the moment is not the best so I will most likely be paying out of pocket for my visit. This provider said I just had a rhinovirus. I am not in the medical field so I will not argue. However, this provider barely inspected my nose/ears before making a decision about what I had. My ears are plugged and extremely painful and I am worried I have an ear infection and I do not think it is right that I have to make another appointment to get my ears checked again when this provider hardly put the scope in my nose/ears to begin with. My insurance will change soon so I will not be as concerned, however at the moment when I am paying mostly out of pocket, it is very stressful. I also am not a fan of going to the doctors in the first place, so the whole experience was unpleasant.