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December, 2018
this doctor said 'do what you want so many times I wondere what the point of her was.' when I told her my medicine is making me sick and I told her that before she said 'ummmmmhmmmmm' and when she asked me a series of questions of symptoms and I said 'no' she clicked 'yes' to make my issues look worse so, and I quote 'your insurance will cover it.' when I asked for advice about asthma she said 'are you taking anything?' I said 'no' and she said 'ummmhmmmm...' by the end of this appointment, which she called me in for, I questioned what the point of her was. it was also the second appointment where when I had I had something she said she did too and when I said I was a certain weight she claimed she'd once been that weight too. I cried about my weight and she said .... guess... 'ummmmhmmmm.'