Provider Comments 16

Comment Date: 
November, 2018
Dr. Appleton greeted me with his welcoming smile (even though he might well not have had a reason to smile that day). He was happy for me that my foot was looking so much better. It was because of him that I was able to persist in finding the specialist who was able to make it right. All the other surgeons told me not to bother, that I should just accept it as it was, and it wasn't that bad. It turned out it did need quite a lot of adjustment. Only Dr. Appleton stuck with me the whole time, and gave me the support I needed to see it through. When I first looked up at him in the ER that first night after the accident, he was hovering over me with a look of grave concern on his face, and told me he'd try to save my foot; he was already wearing his blue surgical cap, with a bright light behind his head. It was like I was looking at an angel. And he has been my guardian angel ever since.