Provider Comments 21

Comment Date: 
October, 2018
Provider ordered a medication. I told him to use my local pharmacy as he wanted me to take a dose when I got home. I told him the pharmacy and he mentioned the address. However when I called the pharmacy they did not have the prescription. They said they would have it within a half hour when they received it. I ended up calling the clinic twice to inquire about the prescription. The provider sent it to my home delivery in Texas. While I realize we all make mistakes. How could he think I would get the script that day from Texas. Overall this was just plain frustrating as I stayed downtown till I could get the medication for two hours. This is the second time seeing this provider. While he is very nice this is also the second time I had issues with medications with him and refills. Last time I had seen him, he gave me a script. When I wasn't better in a few days I sent him an e-mail and he wanted me to come in again instead of just ordering a higher dose of that med. Had he checked my chart he would see my history and taken care of that instead of making me come in for another visit when he did not order the correct dose the first time. I will try not to see him again if it can be helped as I have seen many providers there over the years and most are good.