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May, 2018
we will never see Dr.Ghandi again. this is the second time we have seen her with no answers and no concern for our 3yr old and helping to get her better. she gives answers to patients/parents that could be told by anyone off the street. the first time we saw her we were told by Dr.Ghandi that our daughter 'didn't look sick' and less than 3 hrs later she was in the ER with a confirmed case of the flu. during or visit with Dr.Ghandi I specifically asked for my daughter to be tested for the flu and that was her response to me. this time I had to call back and schedule with a different doctor the next day because Dr. Ghandi said 'it could be anything' as my daughter was covered in a head to toe rash, including in her ears,scalp and entire body from her hands to her toes. it was a waste of time and money to see her and I tell all parents to take their children to anyone other than her and we will continue to do the same.