FAQ - Pre-Hire Assessment

Q: What is the purpose of the Talent Online Assessment?
A: Guthrie wants to hire candidates who have both the necessary skillset and with a shared set of values, to ensure best fit and success for the individual and the team. Finding the right fit candidates is best for Guthrie and best for our patients.  The assessments are designed to assist in identifying the best applicants for a position taking into consideration an individual’s work performance, experience, skills and natural talents/behavioral characteristics.  The combination of all provides a comprehensive view of each applicant and allows us to make an informed decision during the selection process.

Q: What is a Talent Online Assessment?
A: A talent online assessment is a series of questions with multiple-choice responses designed to capture one’s natural talent and behaviors.  The validated assessments will help our organization select individuals with the talents to be outstanding healthcare professionals. 

Q: Who administers the assessment?
A: Guthrie has partnered with Talent Plus, an international company with extensive experience, research and knowledge in the field of selection and developmental assessments.  Talent Plus has created over 60 assessments that have been validated, which means that the results measure what we expect them to measure.

Q: Is this required of every applicant?  Why do I need to take this assessment?
A: Yes, every applicant is required to complete the Talent Plus assessment.  Once you have taken the assessment, your results will remain in the system for one year. You will only be required to retake the assessment after that one-year period or when you apply for a different type of job that has an assessment associated with it. 

Our organization has partnered with Talent Plus to help Guthrie understand each individual’s natural talents and abilities through a structured assessment process. Talent Plus measures a person’s natural talents. The selection science behind the Talent Plus assessments is proven to be accurate (valid), consistent (reliable) and will highlight the specific natural talents of our applicants and employees.

Q: How will the Talent Online Assessments help Guthrie select employees for these roles in the future?
A: The talent online assessments support Guthrie’s goal to be a work place of choice. The talent online assessments help us identify the natural talents that will enable people who serve in these roles to be uniquely successful. An added benefit of the talent online assessment is that it will help with our diversity efforts. Our organization welcomes talented people who may think or act differently and are very successful thanks to these talents.

Q: How long does the assessment take to complete?
A: You should allow 45 uninterrupted minutes to complete the assessment. As an applicant, you can exit the assessment and return to it at any time if you are unable to finish it in one setting. Once you finish the entire assessment, the results will then be available to the Guthrie Recruitment team.

Q: How can I prepare for the assessment?
A: We encourage you not to prepare in advance, as we are looking for a person’s natural responses (i.e. your initial reaction) to our questions. There is no preparation required, as the questions are truly based on better understanding your natural thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Most people enjoy the assessment and find the process rather intriguing. We urge you to respond to the questions in a way that is right for you, not what you think Talent Plus or our organization wants to hear.

Q: How will my results from the assessment be used?
A: The results will be used as one component of the selection process. The results of the assessment will be factored into the hiring process and considered alongside the other criteria that are critical for this position.

Q: If I apply for multiple jobs, will I have to retake the assessment each time?
A: If you apply for similar jobs at Guthrie (e.g. nursing roles) you will NOT be required to take that assessment again for a period of one year.  If you do apply different types of jobs (e.g. clinical vs. non-clinical or leadership), you may be required to take the appropriate assessment for those roles.

Q: Are there different types of assessments for every job?
A: For specified positions, Guthrie currently uses three Talent Plus assessments for the selection process: clinical, non-clinical and frontline leader assessments.

Q: If I’ve already completed the assessment, will I need to re-take it?
A: The assessment results will last for a period of one year.  At that point in time you may be asked to take the assessment again.

Q: Do I need to complete the entire assessment at one time?
A: No, you can start and stop the assessment as needed.  It is highly recommended that you do complete the assessment in one sitting and complete the assessment within 48 hours of completing your application. 

Q: Who do I contact if I have technical problems while I am completing the assessment?
A: Call Talent Plus Support at 1- 800-VARSITY or contact Guthrie recruitment for help at 570-887-4401.