Family Medicine Residency Program Awards and Achievements

Congratulations to Danielle L. Terry PhD, ABPP

Dr. Terry was accepted as a 2019 Behavioral Science/Family Systems Educator Fellow through the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. 


Hand-off bundle implementation associated with decreased medical errors and preventable adverse events on an academic family medicine in-patient unit: A pre-post study.
Zachary Dewar, MD, Theresa Yurkonis, DO, & Maximos Attia, MD
Medicine, (2019), 98(40), e17459. doi:10.1097/MD.0000000000017459

Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Primary Care: Practices among Medical Residents in a Rural Setting
Danielle L.Terry, PhD, Christopher P. Terry, PhD
Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings; 2019 Feb 13. doi: 10.1007/s10880-019-09609-3. PMID: 30758698

How Women Choose Prenatal Care Providers in the Twin Tiers
Alicia Harbison, DO; Michael F. Gillan, DO
Osteopathic Family Physician; 2018 Nov/Dec;10(6):10-15.

Smartphone Use and Professional Communication Among Medical Residents in Primary Care
Danielle L.Terry, PhD, Christopher P. Terry, PhD
PRiMER. 2018;2:18.

Thryotoxic periodic paralysis: a case study and review of the literature
Meseeha M, Parsamehr B, Kissell K, Attia M.
J Community Hosp Intern Med Perspect 2017 Jun 6; 7(2):103-106.
doi: 10.1080/20009666.2017.1316906. eCollection 2017 Mar.

Presentations at Conferences: 

Poster Presentation at Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) 2019 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 2019
Presenter(s):  Mark Corey, MD, Corina Marshall, MD, Eric Schackow, MD, PhD;
“Our Patient Empanelment and Access Journey as a Rural FMC”

Poster presentation at the Eastern Psychological Association in New York City, NY, March 2019.
Presenter(s): Danielle L. Terry, PhD, ABPP, and Christopher P. Terry, PhD,
“Smartphone use and Professional Communication among Medical Residents in Primary Care”.

FM Residency Awards & Achievements

Residents Zachary Dewar, MD and Michelle Tolle, DO at the Stanley Conklin Research day.

Presentation at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies in Washington DC, November 2018
Presenter(s): Danielle L. Terry, PhD, ABPP and Christopher P. Terry, PhD
“Addressing mental health concerns in primary care: Practices and perceived competency among medical residents”. 

Poster Presentation at Collaborative Family Healthcare Association October 2018 Rochester, NY
Presenter(s): Alicia Harbison, DO and Danielle Terry, PhD
“Empathy and Burnout in Residents: Associations with Mental Health Referral Patterns”.

Family Medicine residents presented outstanding scholarly activity projects for the 2nd Annual Stanley Conklin Research Day held April 5, 2019

Stanley Conklin Research - Family Medicine ResidencyStanley Conklin Day - Family Medicine Residency


Oral Presentations


Dr. Alicia Harbison

Meaningful Use of Antidepressants in Long Term Care Facilities

Dr. Zachary Dewar Third Place for Oral Presentation

Impact of the Implementation of a Handoff Bundle on Medical Errors and Preventable Adverse Events on an Academic Family Medicine In-Patient Unit

Poster Presentations – Research, QI, Cases


Dr. Alicia Harbison   First place -Research Poster

How Women Choose Prenatal Care Providers in the Twin Tiers

Michael Gillan, DO, Timothy Harbison, BS, Raymond Brown, Abbi Woll, Charlita Lockett, Jee Moon, Rachel Lovely

Janine Axelrod, DO  First Place QI poster

Patient entered data: a quality improvement study investigating the use of patient kiosks in completing yearly fall risk screening

Corina Marshall, MD

Kristen Nash, DO

Mammogram Completion Quality Improvement Project

Danielle Terry, PhD

Michelle Tolle, DO

Improving Rates of Developmental Screening in Pediatric Patients Age 0-5 in an Outpatient Family Medicine Residency Clinic

Bryan Tolle, DO, Corina Marshall, MD

Noel Yarze, MD

Improving Medicare Wellness Visit Compliance Rates in Sayre Family Practice


Theresa Yurkonis, DO, MHSA

The Maternal Child Handbook

John Benjamin DiNovo, MD, Corina Marshall, MD

Janine Axelrod, DO

Some Headaches Are Such A Pain in the Neck!

Arjun Chandra, Do, Joseph Ronsivalle, DO, FSIR

Janine Axelrod, Do

Liver Let Die

Michelle Nanda, MD, Corina Marshall, MD

Zachary Dewar, MD

Placenta Percreta Diagnosed at Delivery: A Case Report

Laura Waler, MD, Samuel Saleeb, MD, FACOG

Alicia Harbison, DO

Colon Cancer Masquerading as Recurrent Abdominal Abscesses


Kristen Nash, DO

Always Look to the Heart

Theresa Yurkonis, DO, MHSA, Maximos Attia, MD


Family Medicine residents presented outstanding scholarly activity projects for the 1st Annual Stanley Conklin Research Day held in April 2018:

Oral Presentations


Dr. Alicia Harbison

How Women Choose Prenatal Care Providers in the Twin Tiers

Dr. Zachary Dewar

Epidemiology of Medical Error on the Family Medicine Service at Robert Packer Hospital Preceding Implementation of an Improved Hand-Off Tool and Process

Poster Presentations - Case Reports and Quality Improvement


Dr. Zachary Dewar

Spinal Epidural Abscess: Antibiotics or Surgery?

Andrea Spiekhout, DO, Michelle Nanda, MD

Dr. Alicia Harbison

Causation of Falls in the Elderly Population and Treatment Options

Sheela Prabhu, MD

Dr. Alicia Harbison

Meaningful Use of Antidepressants in Long Term Care Facilities

Joseph Mwesige, MD, MPH

Dr. Andrea Spiekout

Anaplasmosis Presenting as Fever of Unknown Origin

Zachary Dewar, MD, Michelle Nanda, MD

Dr. Noel Yarze

Delirium in Dementia: Looking Beyond the Basis

Theresa Yurkonis, DO, Joseph Mwesige, MD, MPH