Corning Hospital Hospital Mortality (Death) Rates

Guthrie is committed to providing our patients the most recent quality data on our hospital. This information, and information on other hospitals, can be found on Patients should talk with their physicians and our hospital staff if they have questions about our quality scores or quality improvement initiatives.

Hospital 30-day mortality (death) rates for Guthrie Corning Hospital patients compared to the U.S. national rate, by condition

Guthrie Corning Hospital
National Rate
 Heart Attack Patients
No different than the National Rate
 Heart Failure Patients
Worse than the national rate
 Pneumonia Patients
No different than the National Rate

Learn more about these measures and the U.S. national mortality rates (

What does this chart mean?

"30-day mortality" is when patients die within 30 days of their admission to a hospital.

The chart above tells you how well Guthrie Corning Hospital's death rates compare to national rates for heart attack, heart failure, and pneumonia patients.

The chart takes into account how sick the patient was upon admission to the hospital.

What are we doing to continue to improve our quality?

Guthrie Corning Hospital has enacted several initiatives to improve our performance. These programs include:

  • Electronic health record
    Guthrie uses Electronic Health Records (EHR) to track each patient’s health and medical history in a computerized system called EPIC. This means you have one Guthrie health record. If you visit one of our Guthrie Medical Group locations or are hospitalized at Corning Hospital, the same record health record is accessed by our providers and nurses. The Guthrie EHR makes your information easily accessible to everyone providing your care.
  • eGuthrie patient portal
    eGuthrie is a patient portal that gives you access to your personal medical record. Giving you the ability to check your current medications and request a refill, look at your allergy list, and get your latest test results along with your provider’s comments on the results. You will also be able to request appointments with your Guthrie providers, ask medical questions concerning an upcoming procedure, appointment or current medications. To sign up visit and select the sign up now link.
  • Nursing and physician continuing education
    The nursing and physician staff at Guthrie are constantly engaged in continuing education to stay informed of changes and advancements in the health care field.
  • Patient education
    Guthrie staff work to educate patients on their health, wellness and diseases while they are a patient. In addition, if they become an inpatient they receive extensive education prior to discharge in order to ensure proper follow-up care.
  • Patient advocacy and support groups
    Numerous patient advocacy and support groups exist that provide educational information and support to patients, their families and caregivers. Ask your provider for more information.
  • Patient safety and clinical quality committees
    Guthrie has several committees focused on patient safety and clinical quality. Our committees review best practices, survey the facilities and coordinate programs to ensure patient safety and clinical quality is a top priority at Guthrie.
  • Lean Six Sigma
    At Guthrie we use the principles of Lean Six Sigma to improve patient care. Lean is focused on eliminating waste (such as waiting or redundant tasks) and improving efficiency. Six Sigma is focused on eliminating defects (such as medication errors or lost invoices) and improving effectiveness. Together, they are used to improve the patient experience and the quality of care in provided at Guthrie locations.