Applications and Forms

Prior to any clinical research study commencing, a formal IRB review and approval are required.  To begin this process the applicant needs to download and complete the IRB Application for Review of Research Involving Human Subjects. Applicants must submit one complete draft application (including protocol, consent form and Investigator’s Brochure) to the IRB office for initial review at least one month before the IRB meeting. After the initial review is completed, the applicant will be notified of any required revisions. Once the revisions are incorporated into the IRB Application, 18 final applications must be submitted to the IRB Office.  These final applications should be submitted at two weeks prior to the IRB meeting. 


All persons listed as investigators, research coordinators, or key personnel on a research project must have training in protection of human research participants.

Submit applications to Elaine Wall, IRB coordinator, Guthrie Foundation (, or call 570-887-4885)