Guthrie Medical Imaging Offers CT Enterography for the Diagnosis of Small-Bowel Disorders

Diagnosis of small-bowel abnormalities is improved by CT enterography, a test now performed by Guthrie Medical Imaging. CT enterography is superior to routine computed tomography and fluoroscopic examinations of the small bowel. Specifically, CT enterography can visualize subtle changes in the mucosa.

The test is particularly useful in evaluating inflammatory bowel disorders, including Crohn’s disease, mesenteric ischemia, ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis, as well as obstructions and suspected small bowel masses.

To refer a patient for CT enteropgraphy, physicians can place an order for CT ABDOMEN PELVIS ENTEROGRAPHY. Contradictions include allergies to contrast material and compromised renal function.

If unsure of which kind of imaging test to order, clinicians may avail themselves of Guthrie radiologist consultation on a 24/7/365 basis by calling 1-800-724-6674.