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Guthrie is proud to be a partner of CaringBridge®

CaringBridge® is a nonprofit offering many ways for people to care for each other during any type of health event. People are able to stay connected, leave hopeful messages, and offer support. CaringBridge offers personal Sites, a SupportPlanner and an online volunteer community, the Amplifier Hub. Thanks to those who donate, CaringBridge is available to anyone, anywhere at no cost.


CaringBridge services are available online 24/7 to anyone, anywhere at no cost. CaringBridge offers protected online spaces with multiple privacy settings. Personal data is protected and not sold. There is no advertising on CaringBridge sites and planners.

  • CaringBridge Sites
    CaringBridge provides personal, protected sites make it easy to post health updates during any type of
    health event. Family and friends visit the site to stay informed and leave supportive messages.
  • SupportPlanner
    The CaringBridge SupportPlanner is a calendar that helps family and friends coordinate care and organize
    tasks, such as bringing a meal, taking care of pets and other needs.

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