Advantages to You

While many medical centers and hospitals offer ambulatory surgery, Guthrie’s Same Day Surgery Center in Big Flats, an outpatient department of Guthrie Corning Hospital, offers you yet another option for your ambulatory surgery care. Below are just a few reasons why Guthrie’s Same Day Surgery Center is your choice for same-day surgical care in Chemung County.


At the Same Day Surgery Center, your comfort is our priority. No matter what brings you to our door, we’re ready to care for your needs. Our private registration area ensures confidentiality, and our waiting rooms are placed for maximum privacy and comfort. And since our Center is dedicated to patients who need only diagnostic, elective or minor procedures, there are no delays in our surgical schedule to due incoming emergencies, as there can be in a hospital setting.


The Same Day Surgery Center is fully staffed by certified nursing, technical and support personnel, and board-certified Guthrie surgeons perform all same-day procedures. The Center’s unique setting combines the specialty surgical capabilities and diagnostic services of a hospital with a medical practice, offering patients and physicians an environment of care designed specifically for them.


The Center features more than 17,400 square feet of space, including:

  • A central supply room
  • Two operating rooms
  • Two endoscopy rooms
  • Ten surgery bays
  • An anesthesia room
  • A generous waiting room for patients and families