BrainLab System


Guthrie’s BrainLab system allows our neurosurgeons to plan out their surgical procedure in advance of the surgery. Available procedures include Brain Endoscopy with 3D imaging for brain and spine surgery. The BrainLAB system, an interactive neurodiagnostic and neurosurgical tool, in conjunction with MRI and CT scans, recreates a precise 3-D image of the brain on a large computer screen. During surgery, the neurosurgeon can download the computerized surgical plan into the BrainLAB system. The patient’s brain can also be displayed as a real-time image that can be viewed from multiple angles.

BrainLAB is especially useful to precisely pinpoint tumor location during brain biopsies, which allows physicians to obtain better tumor samples. BrainLAB is better equipped to address tumors deep inside the brain, and also allows the surgeon to drain cysts or brain abscesses using smaller incisions. BrainLAB provides a technological advantage of increased safety for the patient and, with advances such as BrainLAB, neurosurgery will eventually be able to be performed more quickly.