Magnet Model Requirements

Magnet Model Requirements

  • New Manual Model Requirements began in Oct. 2009
  • 5 Components: 
    • Transformational Leadership
    • Structural Empowerment
    • Exemplary Professional Practice 
    • New Knowledge, Innovations, and Improvements
    • Empirical Outcomes

RPH Designation and Redesignation  

  • Initial designation – July 2008
  • Redesignation every 4 years
  • RPH redesignation in 2012
  • Magnet demographics due annually
  • Interim Report due every 2 years – Submitted 2010  

Magnet Designation is the Gold Standard  

National Recognition to healthcare organizations that demonstrate sustained excellence in nursing care 
“The only way to excellence is to consistently improve yourself every single day.” - Thomas Vilord  




"Guthrie is a great place to work. I love the patients I work with and my coworkers make my job enjoyable. Robert Packer Hospital is a teaching hospital, and the learning atmosphere gives me opportunities to continue my education and become a better nurse." "The sense of teamwork among the staff is a plus as well. The people and the caring atmosphere sets Guthrie apart."

– Cathy Russo, RN
Medical/Surgical, 6 Southwest