Key Initiatives

  1. FAST Key InitiativesImplement the PE4life program with second graders in the Corning-Painted Post School District Expand the program to additional grades if the experience is a success. The PE4life philosophy for physical education includes:
    • Offer a variety of fitness, sport, leisure and adventure activities to all students
    • Implement a K-12 standards based curriculum
    • Provides a safe and encouraging learning environment
    • Utilize individual assessments
    • Incorporate current technology, including heart-rate monitors
    • Extends PE beyond the walls of the gymnasium
    • Ideally offered to every child, every day
  2. Start the "Cool 2B Fit" nutrition education program with 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders in the school district. Depending on the grade level, students make a recipe box and take heatlhy recipes home to try; taste new foods, learn new skills in physical education and take a field trip to Wegmans.
  3. Train area pediatricians and family physicians how to better prevent, diagnose and treat childhood obesity and overweight.
  4. Develop after-school programs that promote physical activity in a safe environment.
  5. Plan and implement Healthy Kids Day and Healthy Lifestyles Expo.