How Joint Camp Works

Before surgery, we encourage participants to undertake an individualized home strengthening program to prepare for surgery. These exercises condition the arms and legs, and are designed to build up muscle groups that help with mobility, temporary use of a walker or crutches, standing up and getting out of bed.

This is also the stage in which a coach assumes his or her role as support person. A coach can be a friend, family member, or a volunteer who has already gone through the program and who has made the commitment to see the patient through his or her surgery and hospital rehabilitation.

Because of their involvement in the care process and their partnership with the patient, coaches play an integral role in successful recovery. Patients are in the hospital for 2-4 days. Patients and coaches attend an education class prior to discharge. Patients even have their hair washed and styled by a hair dresser prior to going home.

Why Joint Camp Works

When you consider quality of care, patients' ability to take care of themselves after they go home and their overall level of satisfaction, it's clear that Joint Camp is a winning program. The feedback from patients and their families reflects this. According to Dr. Dermot Reynolds, "It's the combination of exercise, education and camaraderie that makes all the difference."

To find out more about Joint Camp at Guthrie's Joint Replacement Center, call 570-887-2080 or toll-free at 1-877-265-CAMP (1-887-265-2267).