How can Guthrie Sports Medicine help my team?

Many area high schools in both New York and Pennsylvania use Guthrie services to prevent and protect their interscholastic athletes.  These services are not limited to, but may include:

  • Pre-participation sports physicals
  • Practice and event coverage by certified athletic trainers
  • Acute care of traumatic injuries
  • Physician on-site during home varsity football games
  • Injury assessment and prevention techniques
  • Communication to coaches, athletes, sports medical director, and parents
  • Easy access to medical evaluation by our sports medicine physician

Guthrie Sports Medicine also uses ImPACT™ a concussion and neurocognitive testing available to athletes performed by our athletic trainers and sports medicine physician. ImPACT™ offers integrated diagnosis and treatment of sports related concussions. This type of concussion assessment, along with the latest treatment guidelines, can help to objectively evaluate and treat the concussed athlete's post-injury condition and track recovery for safe return to play, thus preventing the cumulative effects of concussion. For more information contact the sports medicine department at 570-887-2239.